Hey all!
I thought I’d give everybody a heads up on what’s going on with GA and posting schedule and everything like that. The thing I love about GA and the way it’s written is that there aren’t any chapter breaks. When I write the story each scene flows into one another pretty naturally. This style isn’t really conducive to webcomics though. GA is closer to a graphic novel in those regards. That’s one of the the reasons I’ve had such a hard time getting it completed, I can’t find good stopping points for writing and moving on to drawing. Things become inconsistent and I lose track of things easily.

I’ve given myself some hard deadlines and I’m going to finish the script for Book 02 before I start drawing again. The only bad thing about that is there will be a break in updates for maybe a month or so. (not like there haven’t been a few already.) I know you’re thinking that I should just write a little and then draw a little to keep things moving, but I’ve honestly been trying that for almost 2 years and I’m only 34 pages into Book 02 and that is kind of inexcusable. This is my way of buckling down and getting the job done!

I’ll keep posting WIPs and sketches on the Patreon so follow me there if you want to keep up with the progress of GA. If you guys can become a patron! I would love to reach the $50 goal so we can do monthly illustrations that y’all can participate in. I may be able to do some livestreams as well! I’ll also be posting on twitter more and I’ll try to keep things interesting for y’all!

On another note, me and @scorrosive are going to put together a BiscuitBall Books Sketchblog! Basically, every week we just sketch something we like to keep ourselves making fun art! In the future, and if enough of you are interested, we’ll do polls on what to draw so y’all can be a part of the fun!

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me. I promise to make you something that you’ll love and work I can be proud of!