I know. Still sucks…

So the last two months really did me in and I am incredibly behind on Gallant. With the day job, family emergencies, medical emergencies, and so on I lost the good buffer I had for almost 2 years and now it’s pretty much gone. I also feel bad that the $3 patrons who are paying for early pages are only getting them two days earlier than the website. So I’m going to slow down the posting so I can catch up.

So, Paul, when will you post new pages again? Probably sometime in the next month or so. Just enough time to get everything back on schedule.

Just because I won’t be posting doesn’t mean I’m not working though. I will still have updates for patrons (not pages, but WIPs and sketchbook stuff) If you’re really jonesing for content, then become a patron and you can keep getting Gallant art.

Sorry for the inconvenience y’all. I’ll be posting again before you know it!